The new x-ray unit so generously funded by the Friends of Lewes Victoria Hospital is now in place and is proving a wonderful asset to the Imaging Service. The unit, a Siemens Ysio Max DR system is a top of the range digital imaging system using the latest technology.

It has many advantages over the previous unit, which has served us well for more than 20 years. Patients will no longer have to mount steps to get onto the x-ray table or stand on a step to have their knees x-rayed. The x-ray image is available as soon as it is taken so the examination is much faster, which will reduce waiting time at the walk-in sessions. The image quality is superior due to the advances in technology with the added bonus of an even lower radiation dose than before. The new unit will also reduce the wear and tear on the radiographers, as the equipment moves into position using remote control. We now have a department using the highest specification technology thanks to the Friends who have funded all our imaging equipment.